Cloning and Expression of Chicken Interleukin-4 (IL-4) cDNA Using AffiCLONE Technology

The study of immune responses in chickens has gained significant attention due to the economic importance of poultry farming and the need to combat infectious diseases. Interleukin-4 (IL-4) is a crucial cytokine involved in regulating various aspects of the immune system, including the differentiation of T-helper cells and the activation of B-cells. The availability of a reliable IL-4 cDNA clone can greatly facilitate research in this area. In this technical overview, we delve into the significance and applications of the Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE, shedding light on its potential in advancing avian immunology.

Understanding Chicken IL-4

IL-4 plays a pivotal role in orchestrating both innate and adaptive immune responses in chickens. It is primarily produced by activated T-cells and functions as a pleiotropic cytokine with diverse effects on immune cells. IL-4 promotes the differentiation of naive T-cells into Th2 cells, which are involved in humoral immunity and allergic responses. Additionally, IL-4 enhances the proliferation and antibody production of B-cells, thereby contributing to the antibody-mediated immune response.

The Need for a Reliable IL-4 cDNA Clone

In molecular immunology research, the availability of well-characterized reagents is paramount. A high-quality cDNA clone of IL-4 enables researchers to study its structure, function, and regulation in detail. Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool for investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying immune responses in chickens. The Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE addresses this need by providing a robust platform for studying IL-4 biology in avian species.

Features of Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE

The Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE is a meticulously engineered construct designed for optimal expression and functionality. Key features of this clone include:

Authentic Sequence

The cDNA sequence of chicken IL-4 in AffiCLONE faithfully represents the native IL-4 gene, ensuring biological relevance and accuracy in experimental results.

Expression Vector

AffiCLONE utilizes a well-characterized expression vector suitable for efficient expression of IL-4 in various host systems, including bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cells.


AffiCLONE offers versatility in experimental applications, allowing researchers to explore different aspects of IL-4 function, such as protein expression, purification, and functional assays.

Quality Assurance

Each batch of Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistency and reliability, providing researchers with confidence in their experimental outcomes.

Applications of Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE

The versatility of Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE enables a wide range of applications in avian immunology research, including:

Functional Studies

Investigating the role of IL-4 in immune cell activation, differentiation, and cytokine production.

Vaccine Development

Assessing the immunomodulatory properties of IL-4 for enhancing vaccine efficacy and immune responses against poultry pathogens.

Disease Models

Utilizing IL-4 cDNA clone in disease models to elucidate the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and develop novel therapeutic strategies.

Biopharmaceutical Production

Engineering IL-4-expressing cell lines for large-scale production of recombinant IL-4 protein for therapeutic applications.

The Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE represents a valuable resource for researchers engaged in avian immunology studies. By providing a reliable tool for investigating the role of IL-4 in chicken immune responses, AffiCLONE contributes to advancements in poultry health, disease control, and vaccine development. As our understanding of avian immunology continues to evolve, the applications of Chicken IL-4 cDNA Clone AffiCLONE are poised to expand, offering new insights into the intricate mechanisms of chicken immunity.

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