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At AffiGEN, we are dedicated to advancing scientific research by providing innovative tools and solutions. We're thrilled to introduce our latest offering, AffiCLONE®, a revolutionary range of cloning products designed to simplify and enhance your molecular biology experiments.

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Why Choose AffiCLONE®?


AffiCLONE® is designed for efficiency, streamlining every step of the cloning process. Whether you're performing routine cloning tasks or tackling complex projects, our products ensure swift and reliable results.


Precision is critical in molecular biology. AffiCLONE® products are developed with the utmost precision, allowing you to achieve reproducible and accurate cloning outcomes.


From plasmid construction to gene synthesis, AffiCLONE® covers a wide spectrum of cloning applications. Our versatile range adapts to your diverse research needs.


We are committed to staying at the forefront of biotechnology. AffiCLONE® represents the latest advancements in cloning technology, incorporating state-of-the-art features to drive your research forward.

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On this website, you'll find comprehensive information about our AffiCLONE® product line, including:

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Browse our extensive range of cloning kits, vectors, and enzymes, each designed to address specific cloning challenges.


Access helpful guides, protocols, and FAQs to ensure your success with AffiCLONE® products.

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Discover real-world applications of AffiCLONE® in various research fields, showcasing the impact of our solutions.

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Stay informed about the latest developments, product releases, and scientific advancements in molecular cloning.